Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Incredible Weekend With Incredible People

From Paige's First Birthday

I'm not sure what I did to deserve the past few weeks, maybe they're just blessings, but I feel so lucky to have been feeling and experiencing everything. Does that make sense? 

Friday Lindsey came over and dressed me up like a pin up girl. 

It was fun, Marga and Nicole came over and we all had a girls day doing make up. I took some pictures that Matthew Dominic went crazy about. He said I looked so hot and should dress like that every day. 

Right. Dress like a prostitute everyday. Oh I love him. 

Saturday morning my dad randomly said, "I want to do something tonight". So I said "let's have a karaoke party ok I'm inviting my friends. And bam!!! 

Everyone came over and we sang from like 9pm to 1:30 in the morning. 

I love having people over. I always have and I think I always will. There is something about having lots of people in one spot that just gets me going. 

I love seeing people happy and interacting and being with each other. It's real. Social networking and blogging is great for keeping in touch and archiving your memories... But the real fun is when you and your friends just get together and have a great time. 

Thank you dad for my fun filled evening!!!

Sunday we went to Paige's first birthday. 

Matt and I got her an awesome ball pit. Weird looking and kind of creepy- but awesome! 

Paige was a hit all day long. She cracks me up. Smart little girl. 

And we finally met Sandahl's little girl Cienna, who is adorable and her boyfriend RYan who is awesome and totally crazy about his daughter. 

I'm so in love with Kiela. 

She drives me nuts. It blows my mind that some one so small can capture your heart so intensely. 

I love watching her. I love talking with her and the best feeling in the world is making her laugh. 

She is so genuine. She has no hidden motives. She's pure and untouched by the world and her laughter is just genuine joy. 

This evening she laid in her crib as I read "Peter Rabbit" to her. She was so attentive to watching my eyes and my lips. 

She loves just sitting and talking. She is learning that energy, that back and forth... the foundation of conversation. 

But its crazy that we converse without words. It makes me think that words are a form of handicap because they are so limited and attached to prior associations. Conversation without words is pure emotion. Its a connection between two people- if you try it between adults its pretty uncomfortable because your feel vulnerable. But with a child, with Kiela, its magic. Her smile drives me wild I don't even know how to explain it. 

As I type this I just keep thinking back on so many moments in the past two weeks when that little girl has stolen my heart, right out of my chest. She is gorgeous and I swear I would do absolutely anything, put my life on the line, for her health, happiness, and well being. The thought of life without her seems soo incredibly empty. I can't imagine existing strictly for myself because existing for Kiela is so fulfilling. 

Ah I love her so much. 

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