Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturdat August 8th, 2009

I am thinking of having a party.

A pretty big one. It's been a long time since I've thrown a really big party. For Matt's birthday. But not in an attempt to throw a party for my boyfriend. Or because I want to have the best party of the year. Just to have a really good time. Just to bring together a group of people that like hanging out to eat, drink, have some laughs, swim a little of course.... And make a lot of really good music.

I mean there are a lot of really talented people in Covina. Really talented. How cool would that be to hook up a bunch of instruments, and just let people jam out all day. And record it all. Just have the whole thing feed into a mixer. Record it, and let Matt edit the crap out of it.

And we should barbeque. Or potluck. Hmm... I don't know. What would be the coolest way to feed everyone, other than the In N Out truck? In N Out truck is a minimum 1200 I think. That's a lot of money. I don't think I could afford that. Pizza is inexpensive, but overdone. We always do cheeseburgers. Eh. I have to think. But if I had endless amounts of money I would do In n Out or taco truck, margarita machine, and a keg. And with a keg, we need a beer pong tournament. Big though. With teams, and brackets, and a championship.

And we definately have to have the volleyball nets set up at the school. I know we have them.

And LIVE CAMERA FEED! Yeeaaaa! Filming the performers and broadcasting it onto the white screen. Getting close ups of crazy guitar solos... How awesome would that be to sit in the front yard and be able to watch the performances in the backyard. And watch the final two beer pong teams battle it out for the championship.

End with a nice relaxing bonfire. Maybe end with a sleepover. Set up tents in the backyard. Get a few old couches for the night. Breakfast the next morning is optional. Everyone will probably be so tired that they'd just want to go home. But that would be so fun. Ill sleep in my tent.

Oh shoot but what about Kiela?! She'll be 20 weeks old. About five months. I wonder what I would do with Kiela all day. The music might be too loud. What do five month olds like to do? Cuz I want Kiela to have fun too. I'm sure she'll be able to laugh and will enjoy when people talk to her. She'll probably be reaching for things and enjoy toys and hide n seek. If there's lots of people she might get scared, or kind of anxious... I don't want to pawn her off to a babysitter for the day, but I don't want to bombard her. So that's something I have to think about.

I don't know how to get people on board. I know a lot of people would be interested, but how many would actually be down to jam out all day?

Oh well. I think this is going to be intense. I'm excited.

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