Sunday, February 28, 2010

51 Reasons Why I Love Being a Barista at Starbucks in Downtown

1. Cool regulars
2. Easy menu
3. Quick fixes on errors
4. Decent music on most days
5. I get to wear all black
6. Mariella schedules me in different shifts for balance and variety
7. My co workers all work hard to prep each other
8. I love making foam
9. I am addicted to soy
10. And Starbucks brownies
11. And Toasted Tomato Mozzerella sandwhiches
12. I get 30 percent discount
13. Free pound of coffee a week
14. Four hour shifts
15. Tasks tasks tasks
16. Even when its really busy, its not nearly as stressful as serving
17. The way Mabely translates my spanish homework
18. My co workers hug and sing to each other
19. My co workers order pizza for one another
20. Regulars
21. Tony
22. Jaime
23. Lisa
24. Fatima
25. The quiet hispanic guy that gets a venti bold twice a week
26. Cleaning bathrooms
27. Mopping
28. Prepping the prep
29. The way Jen preps for the closer while she opens
30. The way Jill rotates coffee
31. Billy is so mysterious
32. The way Jess hits me
33. The way Courtney loves PR like me
34. The fact Mariella changes up our schedules
35. The way Linda scolds me
36. Singing
37. Dancing
38. Cleaning the oven
39. That there is a starbucks everywhere!!!
40. We're a place people come to hang out
41. The way Louella can carry and ellaborate conversation with any customer even at five in the morning
42. I can be done with work by 830 in the morning
43. I can start work at 645 at night
44. Great company integrity- strong ethics and abides by codes.
45. We're "QASA" clean
46. Our store is seriosuly so clean its in sane
47. We prep the prep
48. I got a second chance
49. Groups of people congregate and come together at our store
50. Homeless people call our store home
51. Regulars call our store, "My Starbucks"

Four things I don't like about working as a barista:
1. Mocha
2. Classic coffee cake
3. Matcha
4. The pastry case in general

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