Friday, June 18, 2010

Goals: Because sharing them helps me to achieve them

Teach Kiela colors
Teach Kiela letters
Potty train her
Teach Kiela to sight read
Sleep consistently
Always show up to work 15-30 minutes early
Run during my lunch break
Understand oncology and hematology
Understand top tier media outlets, wires, trade publications, print, broadcast and radio media outlets and news cycles
Understand the billing system
Maintain low credit card balance
Save $$
Help Matt record an album
Start a band with Matt
Matt's birthday
Research school districts
Research place to move: Palms, Marina Del Mar, Century City, Culver City, Redondo Beach, Venice and other places inland
Move out in January
Take over all my bills (car insurance, phone, rent, health insurance, food)
Live, be content, enjoy small moments, meet new people and new families
Take a vacation to Hawaii to watch my cousin graduate
Pay off my car
Buy a house
Baby #2

Before the world ends? Ok!

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